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Research shows that many companies who implement robust marketing solutions overbuy, ultimately paying far more than they need to. This comes from the enterprise philosophy of buying what you think you will need, rather than what you need now. SalesGenius has taken the opposite approach, which allows customers to buy what they need today, and add more as their needs grow.

To make it easy, we offer two basic solutions, SalesGenius Small Business and SalesGenius Pro Marketer. Regardless of the solution you choose, you will have a robust marketing platform at your fingertips. The SalesGenius platform is free and comes with a unique set of standard features that most providers charge a hefty premium for.

All SalesGenius solutions include these features:

Best-In-Class Email Marketing Demand Generation
Multi-channel Inbound and Outbound Marketing Social Media Marketing
Lead Capture
(Easy to create web forms)
Website Visit Tracking and Replays
(like Tivo® for web visitors)
Personalized Website Promos Marketing Analytics
Campaign Reporting Dashboards Behavioral Lead Tracking
Real-time Behavioral Alerts Website Chat
Unmatched® Integration Marketing Intelligence Reporting

Premium Features can be added to either solution at an additional fee:

Robust Marketing Automation Includes: Drip Marketing, Automated Lead Nurturing and Lead Scoring
Web Analytics Includes: Anonymous visitor tracking

Pricing Comparison:

SalesGenius Small Business
(Free Offering)
SalesGenius Small Business SalesGenius Pro Marketer
Users 3 3 Includes 3 users
Emails Per Month 2,500 10,000 Starting at 50,000
Contacts Up to 25,000 Up to 25,000 Unlimited
Price FREE $200/mo Starting at $600/mo
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