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SalesGenius solutions are fully integrated with, so users can take advantage of SalesGenius' unique email marketing and lead management capabilities within Salesforce users can see SalesGenius activity results within each lead and contact record.

Depending on which SalesGenius solution your company adopts, your salesforce users will be able to take advantage of integrated functionality from sending fully trackable individual emails and receiving instant alerts of email website visits to managing sophisticated email marketing campaigns. To learn more about which SalesGenius solution will best meet the needs of your users, please contact a SalesGenius account manager by calling 1-888-643-6487 or submitting this form.

Here's how it works:

Send Emails

Individual users can send fully trackable SalesGenius emails directly from Salesforce lead or contact records.

Salesforce Campaigns

Marketers can use Salesforce Campaigns to create the recipient list for a SalesGenius email marketing campaign.

Multiple Campaigns

Marketers can add the members of a salesforce campaign to an existing SalesGenius recipient list or create a dedicated list for a particular salesforce campaign.

Salesforce Workflow Triggers & Auto-Response Emails

Fully trackable SalesGenius emails can be sent automatically in response to Salesforce web-to-lead form submission or any other salesforce workflow rule, enabling Marketers to automate lead follow-up. Further, users can use a Salesforce Trigger as the first step in a SalesGenius Automation Workflow.

Website Visit Tracking

Easily access the SalesGenius Tracker™ and detailed reports from within Salesforce (using SalesGenius Tab)

View SalesGenius Activity

All SalesGenius activity, including emails sent, emails opened, and website pages visited is automatically updated to the appropriate Salesforce lead or contact record