Genius Demand Generation

Superior Inbound and Outbound campaign tracking powered by SalesGenius URLs

SalesGenius Demand Generation

SalesGenius Demand Generation adds powerful lead capture and ground-breaking marketing activity tracking to the award winning SalesGenius Email Marketing solution. Marketers can easily build and deploy web-to-lead forms to capture conversions from all activities, including social media outreach. Using the SalesGenius URL shortener, any activity including social media is tracked through conversion, so marketers know which campaigns are the most effective in producing leads and opportunities. Of course, once leads are known, follow up is a snap with SalesGenius Email Marketing.

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Demo: SalesGenius Demand Generation in Action
Tracking Marketing Campaigns including Social Media activities

In this demo David is the demand generation manager at Panda Partners, a fictitious outsourcing firm. Watch him as he sets up a new marketing campaign and uses SalesGenius URLs (or gURLs) to track the response to each activity, including his Blog, Tweet, and paid search.

SalesGenius Demand Generation meets the needs of Marketing & Sales teams by providing all of the solutions available in SalesGenius Email Marketing plus the following:

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