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B2B Email Marketing for Increased Sales Productivity

SalesGenius Demand Generation

SalesGenius Email Marketing brings sales and marketing together to directly impact the top line by driving sales productivity and revenue opportunities.

With SalesGenius Email Marketing, Marketers initiate powerful email marketing campaigns that deliver instant email open and website visit results directly to Sales, so Sales can quickly prioritize lead follow-up, calling on the most interested prospects first. SalesGenius Email Marketing lets Marketers use sophisticated personalization, including the ability to send on behalf of individual sales reps. Instant replays of website visits give frontline professionals insight into prospect interest so they can formulate the appropriate pitch for each prospect. Detailed reports let both sales and marketing easily evaluate success. See a comparison of SalesGenius Product capabilities.

Demo: SalesGenius Email Marketing

With SalesGenius, Marketers can send highly personalized emails on behalf of sales, increasing open rates and instantly establishing the connection between sales rep and prospect essential to sales success.

Demo: SalesGenius for Sales's unique real-time prospect activity alerts and visual website visit replays give frontline sales reps what they need to connect with their best prospects at the right time and with the right information.

SalesGenius Email Marketing meets the needs of Marketing & Sales teams by providing the following solutions: