Genius Marketing Automation

Automate Lead Nurturing and Lead Scoring

SalesGenius Marketing Automation

SalesGenius Marketing Automation is the #1 rated lead management solution that adds automated lead nurturing, real-time lead conversions, and lead scoring to SalesGenius award winning email marketing and demand generation capabilities. The simple drag-and-drop interface makes it easy for marketers to set up powerful lead capture, prospect nurturing and lead scoring workflows to ensure a steady flow of communications to potential customers over time, until those prospects demonstrate readiness to engage with Sales.

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Demo: SalesGenius In Action -- Part 1
Tracking Marketing Campaigns including Social Media activities

David is the demand generation manager at Panda Partners, a fictitious outsourcing firm. Watch him as he sets up a new marketing campaign and uses SalesGenius URLs to track the response to each activity, including his blog, tweet, and paid search.

Demo: SalesGenius In Action -- Part 2
Lead Nurturing and Real-Time Alerts to Sales

David shows how easy it is to set up a lead nurturing campaign in SalesGenius. One prospect, Barbra, visits his web site, and once her lead score exceeds a preset threshold, it triggers an instant alert to her sales rep.

SalesGenius Marketing Automation is unique in enabling users to identify qualifying "conversion events", such as trial sign-ups or visits to a specific web page, that signal strong prospect interest. With SalesGenius, no matter what the state of any automated workflow, when a prospect "conversion event" occurs, Sales is immediately alerted and given access to the prospect's website visit history so they can follow up with the right prospects at the right time and with the right information. See a comparison of SalesGenius product capabilities.

SalesGenius Marketing Automation meets the needs of Marketing & Sales teams by providing all of the solutions available in SalesGenius Demand Generation and SalesGenius Email Marketing plus the following:

SalesGenius Marketing Automation is the #1 rated Marketing Automation solution on the appExchange. All SalesGenius solutions are fully integrated with