Genius Pro Marketer

SalesGenius Pro Marketer delivers unique capabilities and immediate results, giving marketers:

  • Outstanding email delivery, instant-on full website tracking, and real-time Sales alerts
  • Superior tracking of inbound & outbound marketing efforts
  • Robust, automated Lead Nurturing & Lead Scoring with exceptional sales integration

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SalesGenius’ patented real-time architecture ensures that prospect behavior is tracked and acted on as it occurs, ensuring that they are nurtured and responded to in a timely manner, most importantly, alerting Sales reps when their prospects take a qualifying action.

Because SalesGenius tracks both inbound and outbound marketing activity, any link can be tracked from initial click to deal close, making Marketing a revenue center—not a cost center.

Demo: SalesGenius In Action -- Part 1
Tracking Marketing Campaigns including Social Media activities

David is the demand generation manager at Panda Partners, a fictitious outsourcing firm. Watch him as he sets up a new marketing campaign and uses SalesGenius URLs to track the response to each activity, including his blog, tweet, and paid search.

Demo: SalesGenius In Action -- Part 2
Lead Nurturing and Real-Time Alerts to Sales

David shows how easy it is to set up a lead nurturing campaign in SalesGenius. One prospect, Barbra, visits his web site, and once her lead score exceeds a preset threshold, it triggers an instant alert to her sales rep.