Customer Success Services

Services Overview

The SalesGenius Services Organization provides a broad range of strategic offerings to ensure that your organization realizes the highest value from your investment. Our world-class professional services, technical support, and training teams can serve as your dedicated marketing campaign developer, onsite trainer, over-the-web consultant, or SalesGenius support network.

We understand marketing and sales processes inside and out -- and realize just how powerful a synergistic combination can be. Our experienced teams work with you to evaluate your business needs and develop solutions. Whether you need email marketing best practices, training on getting the most of your investment, direct engagement with a SalesGenius marketing campaigns consultant, or custom integration to a CRM or campaign management system, SalesGenius Services provides the expert help and insight that's right for you.

Service Offerings:

Customer Support

Most customers find that SalesGenius' speedy no-IT-required deployment, stability and industry-leading ease-of-use get them up and running and closing business quickly. But when you need it, SalesGenius Customer Support is here to help. Whether you need tips on using a specific feature, want to report an issue, or want to suggest a feature enhancement, we have the right solution to get you the help you need, when you need it.

SalesGenius Services offers a suite of simple, yet powerful SaaS based Sales and Marketing solutions that are designed to get you up & running and closing more business immediately. SalesGenius Services offers a variety of customizable Campaign Services packages that are designed to help you get the most out of your implementation as quickly as possible - typically just a few short hours. Whether you are focused on kick starting your Sales team's close rates or improving your email marketing effectiveness, SalesGenius Campaign Services is here to help.


Get Smart with classes and packages provided through SalesGenius University. Our world class education team offers 3 levels of training package as well as custom or onsite packages.

Implementation and Integration Services

We've managed many successful Email Marketing and Sales Process integrations —we can help you with CRM integration, contact segmentation, list cleansing, data preparation, email & content management, lead close processes, testing, ROI Analytics and more.

Customized Services

Whatever your implementation and integration needs, SalesGenius Professional Services can design a support suite for you. Contact SalesGenius Professional Services to discuss your needs and how we can support you.