Automated Lead Nurturing

Automate Lead Nurturing for Real-time Sales Results provides a drag-and-drop interface for setting up automated lead nurturing campaigns. Easy-to-create workflows, along with unique SalesGenius conversion events, ensure that you can communicate most effectively based on prospect interest - whether that's by newsletter, direct email or by notifying sales to initiate real-time conversations and/or web presentations.

The Importance of Nurturing Leads

A recent Kellog Business School - MIT study showed that online connect times drop dramatically when sales rep follow-up is delayed. Yet most lead nurturing programs require marketers to specify rigid "set and forget" wait times that can cause hot leads to get left in the cold, ignored for days and even weeks. No marketer wants to alienate prospects by sending emails too frequently, so it's common to specify "wait" times of seven days or longer before sending a follow-up email. But, what if the prospect visits the website on Day 1 of the seven day wait period? With SalesGenius, the Sales person gets notified in real time and can connect instantly, while prospect interest is fresh.

Automated Lead Nurturing

Drag & Drop Triggers to Build Automated Drip Campaigns

The intuitive SalesGenius Automation Workflow Designer makes it easy to build out multi-step drip campaigns. With SalesGenius, users are able to build simple drip campaigns in less than a minute. More complex logic, including Conversion Events, can be layered in simply so that any marketing user can deliver marketing automation campaigns that meet the business needs.

Real-time Conversion Events

Real-time Updates of Field Values

SalesGenius enables the updating of any fields in SalesGenius and, including Status fields. So, for example, when a prospect completes a qualifying action, such as visiting multiple pages in the "Financial Solutions" section of your website, the product interest field can be set to get updated in real-time to "Financial Solutions".

Real-time Conversion Events

Analyze the Results of Marketing Automation

After you launch your marketing automation workflow, it's easy to see in real-time which prospects are engaged with your emails, alerts, and other actions. Find out which contacts entered each step of your program, which ones are "Waiting" in a particular step, and/or how many times the prospect has met a particular trigger but not the conditions to move forward.

SalesGenius Email Workflow

Intuitive Email Creation for Marketers

Marketers know that effective automated email campaigns involve several factors, including inline segmentation, writing copy, design, and timing. SalesGenius provides a model for creating emails that leads marketers intuitively through the process, or lets them jump in at whichever step makes sense at the moment. By making sure each step of the process is complete, SalesGenius helps you go from hope to confidence in your marketing automation campaigns.