Lead Tracking Software Solutions

Online-Sales Lead Tracking Software Systems

SalesGenius keeps a detailed history of prospect website visits and relays this information to the appropriate sales team members when the prospect's "online body language" signals strong enough interest. If the prospect isn't hot enough yet, Sales can mark the lead for "remarketing" and Marketing picks up the prospect in automated nurturing programs. SalesGenius' lead tracking software can be used for lead generation tracking & interaction in several ways.

Instant Sales Alerts for Lead Tracking

Lead Tracking with Real-Time Sales Alerts

Using sales lead tracking, sales professionals can send trackable SalesGenius emails using Microsoft® Outlook®, from Salesforce.com or using the SalesGenius email editor. When a recipient opens the email and visits the website, the sender (Sales rep) is notified instantly through the SalesGenius Tracker™ sheet and can click through to view an instant replay of the prospect's website visit, seeing an image of each page visited, along with information about the duration of the entire visit. Using this type of sales lead tracking, the Sales rep can assess prospect interest and prepare the best approach for following up.

Lead Tracking with Automated Email Follow-up

Marketing Sends on Behalf of Sales

Marketing can send personalized campaigns on behalf of Sales and assign SalesGenius Tracker alerts to be sent to the contact owner or another rep on the team (such as a lead qualifier)