Campaign Reporting

Detailed Campaign Reporting Down to the Visit Details

Successful B2B Marketing efforts involve messaging, positioning, design, and copywriting across email, web pages, whitepapers, landing pages, and other content types. The best Marketers inspect the results of their efforts and adapt their strategies and tactics to ensure the best results. Instant access to campaign performance reports, page visit and website analytics, and the ability to view interactions the prospect has had with your marketing and sales messages helps Marketing and Sales Management continually improve their marketing programs.

SalesGenius provides detailed reports that enable Marketers to assess email campaign performance and give sales managers real-time insight into prospect activity. This behavioral data on campaigns and the website helps Marketers determine what's working and what's not. The real-time nature of SalesGenius reporting helps Marketers iterate quickly, run new programs, and constantly re-evaluate and optimize their marketing efforts.

Detailed Campaign and Website Visit Reports MarketingGenius

Detailed Campaign & Website Visit Reports

Marketers can quickly see not only the opens and click-throughs, but, of those clicks, how many were multi-page versus single-page visits, exactly which pages were visited and for how long, and which contacts took what actions in response to a campaign.