Real-time Conversion Events

Convert Sales-Ready Leads in Real-time

Unlike other marketing automation systems, SalesGenius is constantly watching for prospect response and the accompanying "online body language" exhibited therein. Besides the standard workflow setup that lets SalesGenius watch for behavior to trigger actions, Marketing and Sales can work together to define a trigger as a special "Conversion Event". When the prospect triggers the event and meets the specified conditions, SalesGenius intervenes in real-time to take the action(s) indicated. The triggered actions can include SalesGenius Tracker™ alerts, incrementing the SalesGenius lead score, updating field values in the system, or sending an automated email. Real-time Conversion Events

Drag & Drop Triggers as Conversion Events

Other marketing automation systems just "Wait", SalesGenius can "Wait & Watch" for real-time conversion events. If a prospect takes a qualifying event or the lead score reaches a certain threshold, SalesGenius lets the right person on the team take action at the right time. With SalesGenius, there's no need to wait when a prospect becomes qualified - SalesGenius will convert the prospect to Sales in real-time.