Drip Email Marketing

Multi-Step Drip Email Marketing Campaigns

Drip email marketing are the core of any marketing automation system designed for lead nurturing, and SalesGenius makes it easy to set up drip marketing campaigns with a drag and drop interface for setting flexible workflow rules. With SalesGenius, drip marketing campaigns can be customized based on prospect characteristics, such as industry, title, or company, as well as based on prospect behavior (multi-page website visits, visits to specific pages on the website). Emails can be sent to cultivate prospect interest until the prospect demonstrates a readiness to engage, at which point, Sales will be notified in real time.

Automated Drip Marketing

Build Automated Drip Marketing Campaigns

The intuitive SalesGenius Automation Workflow Designer makes it easy to build out multi-step drip campaigns. With SalesGenius, users are able to build simple drip campaigns in less than a minute. More complex logic, including Conversion Events, can be layered in simply so that any marketing user can deliver marketing automation campaigns that meet the business needs.