Email Creation

Easy, Intuitive Email Creation

SalesGenius includes an easy-to-use and intuitive interface that allows marketing teams and sales managers to send or schedule personalized outbound marketing campaigns and emails on behalf of the entire sales team. This lets Marketing control content, messaging, timing, and branding in their email marketing efforts, while driving responses straight to the people responsible for strengthening relationships with prospects.

Create SalesGenius Marketing Emails

Email Creation Tools

Whether you have a seasoned HTML pro on your team or you need to create professional emails by yourself, SalesGenius provides the tools you need to be successful. Use the WYSIWYG editor to quickly compose, format, and style your emails; or, if you already have the perfect email, use the source or custom HTML options to paste in your pre-designed content.

SalesGenius Email Workflow

Intuitive Email Creation Workflow for Marketers

Marketers know that effective email campaigns involve much more than composing text, selecting recipients, sending, and hoping for the best. There are several factors that go into sending out a successful email, including segmenting, writing copy, design, and timing. SalesGenius provides a model for creating emails that leads marketers sequentially through the process, or lets them jump in at whichever step makes sense at the moment. By making sure each step of the process is complete, SalesGenius helps you go from hope to confidence in your email campaigns.

SalesGenius Personalized Email Campaigns

Simple, Powerful Personalization

Send a single email campaign and SalesGenius can personalize each email so that it is "sent by" by the Sales rep who owns that lead or contact. You can use mail merge to customize both recipient and sender fields, so emails sent on behalf of Sales Reps can include the appropriate Rep's signature and contact information.

SalesGenius Helpful email feedback

Helpful Built-in Feedback

SalesGenius email creation tools provide feedback based on the content you put into the system. On the Email Preview step of email creation, you'll see useful information such as deliverability feedback, or whether or not you have relative paths to images in your content.