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SalesGenius lets marketers easily create, schedule and send personalized emails either on behalf of the appropriate sales team member or from the appropriate marketing or executive alias. CRM marketing automation makes it easy to personalize email content, not only with prospect information, but also by ensuring that the email comes from the person assigned to manage the relationship.

SalesGenius also provides full email marketing support for individual communications sent by Sales Reps and others on the team, both through easy-to-use email templates and through the SalesGenius Plug-In for Microsoft® Outlook®. Only SalesGenius lets anyone on the team send fully trackable emails from Outlook, without requiring any website tagging or server changes.

Beyond the inbox, SalesGenius delivers much more insight for your email marketing programs by deep-tracking - without any website instrumentation or IT intervention - the entire visit. Website visit replays help sales see exactly what the prospect is interested in. By combining email marketing automation with website analytics, SalesGenius uses CRM marketing automation to turn e-mail into an instant response system for prospect qualification. This lets SalesGenius Customers achieve:

  • Increased close rates
  • Higher campaign conversion rates
  • Reduced sales cycle time
  • Optimized sales productivity
  • Improved buyer experience ratings and customer satisfaction scores

Easy Email Creation
SalesGenius makes it easy for marketers to create and save professional emails via an intuitive email creation interface designed by marketers for marketers.

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Flexible Email Templates
Everyone using SalesGenius can create his or her own templates. SalesGenius also includes a capability for "Template Management" which allows the administrator to define which users on the team see/use/edit/share any other templates across the whole team. With just one click, you can share or un share any template for use by sales, marketing, or other user roles.

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Static Lists & Dynamic Segments
Depending on your needs, you may want to send an email to a static list of contacts (e.g. the monthly newsletter) or to a segment of your database (e.g. Contacts not emailed this month who have expressed interest in a specific prospect). Regardless of your B2B marketing automation needs, SalesGenius Lists and SalesGenius SmartGroups make it easy to do both.

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Exceptional Email Deliverability
SalesGenius is committed to ensuring email delivery and maintaining our excellent reputation among email security providers. SalesGenius has made significant investments in infrastructure, technology, partnerships, and a dedicated delivery team to ensure maximum deliverability of our customers’ emails.

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Full Campaign Reporting, including complete visit details
Detailed reports enable Marketers to assess email campaign performance and give sales managers real-time insight into prospect activity. With SalesGenius CRM marketing automation software, marketers can quickly see not only the opens and click-throughs, but of the clicks how many of those were multi-page versus single-page visits, which exact pages were visited and for how long, and which contacts took what actions in response to a campaign.

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Real-time Behavior Alerts
SalesGenius lets marketers automatically determine which person in the organization gets real-time notifications in the SalesGenius Tracker® as contacts open emails and visit the website. This integration between sales and marketing is built into SalesGenius Solutions, allowing sales to get real-time insight into prospect behavior at an unprecedented level.

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Built-in Opt-out Management & Compliance
SalesGenius email marketing automation software includes centralized opt-out management to ensure that unsubscribes will not receive emails from the system in the future.

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