Email Deliverability

Robust Email Deliverability and Compliance

SalesGenius is committed to ensuring the delivery of emails sent using its service and to maintaining its excellent reputation among ISPs and email security providers.

In order to provide a high level of service, SalesGenius has made significant investments in infrastructure, industry-leading technology, and partnerships that ensure its adherence with industry standards and best practices.

Through its holistic approach, SalesGenius supplies an advanced email delivery platform designed to optimize email deliverability. SalesGenius also maintains the highest possible deliverability reputation which maximizes inbox delivery of customer emails.

Monitoring and Optimization of Email Delivery
SalesGenius employs a comprehensive approach to assure email deliverability with unmatched performance and scalability. The SalesGenius solution includes:
  • Best-of-breed email delivery infrastructure from Message Systems
  • Deliverability services, including inbox monitoring from Pivotal Veracity
  • Dedicated Deliverability and Anti-Abuse team
  • Real-time monitoring and alerts
  • Built-in authentication
Real-time Delivery Monitoring
SalesGenius continually monitors email delivery on all of its sender IP addresses. Using Message Systems email infrastructure and dynamic policy management, SalesGenius is able to automatically detect and manage high-risk mailings in real-time to ensure its reputation is maintained. In addition, the Deliverability and Anti-Abuse team is continually apprised of campaign status, and will work with customers and Client Services to ensure mailings stay within industry-accepted guidelines.
Automated bounce and opt-out processing
In compliance with CAN-SPAM and industry best practices, SalesGenius automates the handling of hard bounce processing and requests to unsubscribe (opt-out). Hard bounces (emails to a domain or an email address that does not exist) are automatically suppressed from all future sends, and requests to opt-out will be logged in the SalesGenius database and will not receive emails from the company whose list they have unsubscribed from.
Sender Authentication
SalesGenius authenticates customer email through industry standard approaches; including Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) and Sender Policy Framework (SPF).

DKIM enables a sender (in this case SalesGenius) to take responsibility for a message while in transit and offers end-to-end integrity from a signing to a verifying Mail Transfer Agent (MTA). All SalesGenius emails are authenticated using DKIM.

SalesGenius publishes industry standard Sender Policy Framework (SPF) records that can be added to a customer's DNS server to validate that has permission to send email on their behalf.

In addition, SalesGenius includes anti-abuse headers in all emails. Although not visible to end users, SalesGenius includes headers that are an industry-accepted method of indicating valid emails and act as a 'watermark' to enhance SalesGenius's reputation as a sender of valid, non-spam email. In short, the header notifies receiving mail servers "this message was sent using SalesGenius mail services. Contact with any concerns." SalesGenius publishes its Acceptable Use Policy. Reported abuses are investigated and acted upon immediately to ensure that SalesGenius maintains an excellent sender reputation.
ISP Feedback Loops
SalesGenius has established feedback loops with all the ISPs that offer them and continually monitors and acts upon 'spam' (or junk) complaints. Any recipient who has pressed the 'spam' or 'junk' button for a SalesGenius email will be opted-out automatically so that the SalesGenius customer will not accidentally email them again.
Formal Abuse Complaints
As a premier Demand Generation solution provider, SalesGenius takes abuse complaints very seriously. Complaints are remediated by the Anti-Abuse team which works with the customer to identify the origin of the email address and to advise on corrective actions. In addition, SalesGenius opts out the recipient from all lists held by SalesGenius (across all its customers) and actively notifies the recipient of the actions taken.
Mailing Lists
SalesGeniusrequires all users of its service to comply with all international laws and regulations applicable to bulk or commercial e-mail. Users may only use SalesGenius to send email to persons with whom they have an existing business relationship, or who have consented to receive such e-mail.

Details of SalesGenius' policies in this regard can be found in the SalesGenius Terms of Service, Section 3.3 and the SalesGenius Acceptable Use Policy.
Domain Block Monitoring
SalesGenius checks each of its outbound mail servers every minute against the top email block lists. If any of the SalesGenius sender IPs or domains are found to be on a block list, the SalesGenius deliverability team will proactively investigate and work with ISPs and email security providers to rapidly identify and address the cause.
Spam Assessment
SalesGenius evaluates outbound email content using an integrated scoring framework and works with the leading email security providers to understand and respond to evolving restrictions and requirements.
Legislative Compliance
SalesGenius invests to maintain compliance with industry best practices and legislation, including enforcement of CAN SPAM requirements. Within standard SalesGenius emailing capabilities, users automatically get deliverability feedback on the content of their emails plus outbound compliance with CAN-SPAM via a required opt-out footer. SalesGenius also includes centralized opt-out capabilities to ensure that any email address opted out in your SalesGenius account will not receive any further emails from the system, even if another user on the account adds a new contact with the same address.