Real-time Behavior Alerts

Instantly Alert Sales with Actionable Information

Sales professionals know they can't afford to spend endless amounts of time on cold calls. They need to know which leads are actually interested in the company's products and services before the call. Too often, Marketing is working in a silo, endlessly improving "marketing efficiency" and forgetting that the real goal of marketing efforts needs to be sales productivity.

SalesGenius brings the results of marketing campaigns directly to Sales, eliminating the time wasted making cold calls to cold leads by delivering prospect behavior directly to them in real-time. This gives Sales the power to see instantly which prospects respond to emails and which ones visit the website. Using the SalesGenius Tracker™, Sales can even see which pages a prospect visits, how long they spend visiting, and a page-by-page replay of the visit, so they are prepared to discuss those areas of interest when you call.

Instant Alerts with the SalesGenius Tracker

SalesGenius Tracker

The SalesGenius Tracker alerts Sales when their prospects open an email and/or visit the website. The Sales user has instant access to the prospect contact information, visit history, and can replay the latest website visit to see exactly which pages each prospect visited, to see exactly what he/she is interested in, before the first call.