Email Opt-out Management

Built-in Opt-out Management & Compliance

SalesGenius includes centralized opt-out management to ensure that unsubscribes will not receive emails from the system in the future, even if another user on the account adds a new contact with an email address that is already unsubscribed. Also, SalesGenius opt-out management lets you import external opt-out lists, export your SalesGenius list, or add/remove single email addresses to the list.

SalesGenius Opt-out Compliance and Management

Centralized Opt-outs

Easily add or remove contacts from your opt-out list, one at a time or by importing a list. Automatically keep contact/lead opt-out status in sync with your organization. If you're using another system, you can update SalesGenius with your existing opt-out list or find opt-outs in SalesGenius by a date range so that you can export and keep another system up to date. Finally, SalesGenius will automatically insert a can-spam compliant unsubscribe footer in outbound marketing emails to ensure you are in compliance and protect your reputation.