Email Personalization

Personalized Emails for Optimal Response

Study after study shows that personalized emails, especially those coming from "a real person" are most likely to be opened and read. The SalesGenius interface makes it simple for marketers to implement the highest level of personalization.

SalesGenius personalization capabilities include:

  • Ability to "send on behalf of" a contact owner. Emails sent on behalf of lead or contact owners (or other individuals in the organization) appear to the recipient to be "from" an individual sender, so the email is more likely to be opened and read.
  • Mail merge for use in subject lines lets marketers add company names to the subject line, increasing the relevancy of the message
  • Mail merge for recipient fields let marketers insert personalized salutations and reference the recipient's company name within the text of the email, increasing relevance.
  • Mail merge for lead or contact owner fields lets marketers insert the name and contact information of the appropriate sales or service representative.
SalesGenius Personalized Email Campaigns

Simple, Powerful Personalization

Send a single email campaign and SalesGenius can personalize each email so that it is "sent by" by the Sales rep who owns that lead or contact. You can use mail merge to customize both recipient and sender fields, so emails sent on behalf of Sales Reps can include the appropriate Rep's signature and contact information.