Email Segments & Lists

Dynamic Segments & Static Lists

SalesGenius makes it easy to segment your contact data across collected or appended information, and combine it with actual contact behavior—including pages visited, duration of visits, and email opens. Marketers can also include recency and frequency data in their segments, to ensure that the resulting group doesn't include contacts who are in danger of being over-contacted. Targeting the right segment lets marketers send relevant messages, driving increased response rates and higher campaign ROI.

Within SalesGenius for, users can segment across both contacts and leads by using SalesGenius SmartGroups. This flexibility makes all standard and custom fields for Accounts, Contacts, and Leads available for segmenting.

SalesGenius also lets users choose specific contacts to group into a static list. SalesGenius Lists can be created from campaigns or directly in the SalesGenius contact interface.

Dynamically segment your marketing database

Dynamic Segmentation with SmartGroups

With any data you can imagine and collect available, SalesGenius SmartGroups are a powerful tool to help marketers target specific segments of the marketing database. By combining rules using "Any, All, or Advanced" matching instructions, marketers are able to send the right message to the right group every time. This increased relevancy in email marketing pays off big time with increased open and click-through rates.

Create a static SalesGenius List

Flexible List Management - SalesGenius Lists

When you have a set list of contacts—such as your newsletter subscribers—you can use a SalesGenius List to store and manage membership in the list. Users can include one or more lists in a SmartGroup, further narrowing down the matching contacts using dynamic SmartGroup rules, such as when the contact last received an email or whether they took specific actions when visiting the website.