Email Templates

Email Template Creation & Management

Templates are a key component in email marketing. The ability to create the right set of messages and make them available to the email marketing team and sales users could be the difference between an email that resonates with a prospect, driving her to respond, and one that falls flat, leaving the prospect cold.

SalesGenius makes it easy to let the appropriate users share templates across the whole team. Anyone can create their own templates, but only particular users are able to share templates with the rest of the team. This allows marketers control over the content, messaging, positioning, and offers, while everyone else on the team benefits from the professionally written and well designed templates.

Create SalesGenius Email Marketing Templates

Template Creation Tools

Whether you have a seasoned HTML pro on your team or you need to create professional emails by yourself, SalesGenius provides the tools you need to be successful. Use the WYSIWYG editor to quickly compose, format, and style your emails; or, if you already have the perfect email, use the source or custom HTML options to paste in your pre-designed content.

Manage Email Marketing Templates

Easily Manage Templates Across the Team

All users can create their own templates, easily clone others, or use shared ones. The users with Template Manager capabilities can create templates and use or modify any template across the whole team, easily sharing—or un-sharing—their work with one click.