Lead Scoring

Real-time SalesGenius Lead Scoring

SalesGenius includes lead scoring capability through the SalesGeniusScore. SalesGenius users can automatically increase or decrease the score according to demographics, BANT, or their buying behavior by interpreting the prospect's "online body language". This fine level of control over scoring lets Marketing and Sales teams work together flexibly to determine scoring rules. The end results is improved conversion rates, higher Sales productivity, and increased revenues. SalesGenius customers automatically track every page of their websites and SalesGenius provides the most granular insight into which behaviors weigh most in lead scoring, including the following key Triggers and Conditions within the SalesGenius Automation Workflows:

  • Specific Page(s) Visited
  • Visit Information, including Multi-page Visits
  • Overall Response Information (i.e. how many visits total?)
  • Recency of Response
  • Number of Pages Visited
  • Response from a Specific Campaign

SalesGenius Lead Scoring

Simple, Powerful SalesGenius Lead Scoring

All of the lead, contact, and account data at the disposal of the Marketing and Sales teams can be used to help score leads in SalesGenius. Additionally, SalesGenius makes it easy to score based on the prospect's "online body language" - any of these indications of buying behavior can be used to increment the scoring which can be used to increment the lead scoring which can then trigger appropriate real-time actions, including SalesGenius Tracker™ alerts or field value updates to the database.

SalesGenius Lead Scoring

Real-time Lead Scoring Integration with Salesforce.com

Unlike other marketing automation systems, SalesGenius Lead Scoring operates in real-time not only within SalesGenius, but also with Salesforce.com. While many claim data gets to Salesforce.com quickly, it can take 6 hours or more to start letting your Sales team see the key prospect data that can make or break the sale. Can you afford to wait?