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Many marketing automation tools alienate Sales. Complex, closed, time-based lead nurturing for marketing only can keep leads hidden away from Sales in the "black box" of lead nurturing. All too often, prospects are visiting the website and signaling their interest, but rigidly-defined legacy marketing systems prevent those leads from getting funneled to Sales in a timely way. marketing automation software ensures that marketing and sales can work in sync to ensure the appropriate follow-up for each prospect. Lead nurturing workflows determine and deliver automated responses to cultivate prospect interest, while real-time conversion events trigger real-time sales alerts, updates to database field values, and lead scoring increases as soon as prospects demonstrate the right level of interest through their online body language. With SalesGenius marketing automation software solutions, prospects ready to engage never get lost in the "black box" of marketing workflows.

Marketing Automation Solutions & Tools Offer:

Lead Capture
Capture more leads on your website with compelling landing pages complete with customized lead forms. With no technical expertise, SalesGenius users can easily create landing pages and lead forms in a simple drag and drop user interface. Have SalesGenius host the pages and forms or export the HTML for inclusion on your web site.

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Multichannel and Social Media Tracking
Raise your Marketing IQ by tracking all activities in one place. SalesGenius’ URLs ("gURL™" for short) track both structured marketing campaigns like paid search and banner ads, links within your blog, as well as posts on social media networks like Linked In, Facebook, and Twitter – gURLs make any link a trackable one.

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Drip Campaigns
Engage your prospects in a dialog with an automated series of emails delivered over time in the appropriate intervals.

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Automated Lead Nurturing
With, prospect behavior triggers a real-time handoff from lead cultivation (Marketing) to live qualification (Sales), so the prospect is automatically and personally nurtured by the right message or person at the right time, with no delays.

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Lead Scoring
SalesGenius lets users operate on demographic, BANT, and/or behavioral data to dynamically score leads and provide the Sales and Marketing teams a relative indication of where the prospect is in the buying process.

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Lead Management
With SalesGenius, Marketing and Sales pass lead communication and qualification responsibility back and forth seamlessly. This "Dynamic Engagement" during lead management enables the right level and mode of contact for each prospect at each phase of the funnel.

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Real-time Conversion Events
SalesGenius automation workflows have the unique capability to constantly monitor online body language so that contacts who take a qualifying event can be converted out of the workflow, even if a drip campaign is operating and a contact is in a "wait" block for the next 4 days. The appropriate Sales person gets notified, in real-time, and the SalesGenius Profile is annotated with the details - including a page-by-page replay of the visit - of the prospect's behavior.

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