Real-time Sales Results

Real-time Lead Management Drives Sales Productivity

SalesGenius Tracker™
The SalesGenius Tracker shows your Sales Reps which prospects are most interested, in real time.

Most B2B companies have made significant investments in their corporate web sites, but, until now, there's been no direct return on investment for Sales. Prospects signal their interest when they visit the website, but there has been no way to know how long they're spending on the site and what pages they're visiting.

SalesGenius provides real-time lead management to ensure that leads in the pipeline are being handled by the right sales and/or marketing team member at the right time -- resulting in better customer service, higher revenue and more productive marketing efforts. This enables Sales and Marketing to collaborate effectively, identify opportunities, quickly pinpoint their current interests, and instantly alert the best sales team member to build the prospect relationship.

  • Know instantly who's most interested in what you're selling
  • Better understand specific prospect/customer needs
  • Increase e-mail campaign conversion rates
  • Improve close rates
  • Reduce sales cycle time
  • Optimize sales productivity

Behavioral Lead Tracking
SalesGenius keeps a detailed history of interactions your prospects have in response to email marketing and website visits.

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Instant Behavior Alerts
SalesGenius lets marketers automatically determine which person in the organization gets real-time notifications in the SalesGenius Tracker™ as contacts open emails and visit the website. This integration between sales and marketing is built into SalesGenius Solutions, allowing sales to get real-time insight into prospect behavior at an unprecedented level.

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Website Visit Replays
Sales can view an instant replay of each prospect's visits to the website. Seeing each page the prospect visited and for how long helps better understand his/her interests and sets up the next interaction with the prospect.

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