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Sales & Marketing Alignment for Conversion Events

Study after study points to sales and marketing alignment as a key area for improvement in many organizations, which is not surprising when you consider the high cost of the sales and marketing disconnect.'s approach is to foster what we call "dynamic engagement", in which sales & marketing alignment allows departments to pass lead communication and qualification responsibility back and forth seamlessly, enabling the right level and mode of contact for each prospect at each phase of the engagement. At the simplest level, sales-marketing alignment means that Marketing can automate the process of nurturing a lead via email until qualifying criteria are met, at which point, Sales can be instantly notified of prospect interest, and lead status updated so that Marketing no longer sends email to a lead being actively worked by Sales. Similarly, if Sales finds that a qualified lead is not actually engaged, Sales can update the lead status, passing responsibility for "remarketing" back to Marketing. Lead qualifying criteria can be based on both factual information (industry, company size) but also on the prospect's online body language, including number of visits to the website, number of pages visited, length of the visit(s), and specific pages visited.

SalesGenius fosters this dynamic engagement model to enable sales and marketing alignment with the following:

Sales Email Templates
SalesGenius provides a range of pre-built templates for Sales use and also makes it easy for marketing and sales managers to create, store and share templates for use by the Sales team.

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Email on Behalf of Sales
Marketers can use to send highly personalized emails on behalf of individual sales reps, which increases open rates because recipients see the "from" address of their account manager (studies show recipients are more likely to open emails sent by a "real person").

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Email Personalization
In addition to personalizing the "from" field, mail merge can be used for both contact and owner fields, so the account managers contact information can be automatically inserted as a signature, further personalizing each message. Mail merge can also be used to personalize the subject line.

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Personalized Website Promos
SalesGenius web promos let you reinforce your email messaging via "post-it note"-like greetings which are displayed on your website when prospects click through from your email. Mail merge can be used to insert both visitor and lead owner information.

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Website Visit Replays
Visits to the company website contain a wealth of information that can help qualify a prospect. SalesGenius is the only sales & marketing alignment solution that provides a visual page-by-page replay of website visits to the appropriate members of the Sales team, as well as to Marketing, so Sales can identify the prospect's areas of interest before the call.

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Behavioral Lead Tracking
Your prospect's online body language can tell a lot about his/her readiness to engage in a purchase decision. SalesGenius uses deep tracking of website visits to initiate automated response emails, to trigger real-time alerts to sales, and to determine lead score and lead status.

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Real-time Conversion Events
SalesGenius is the only solution that lets marketers specify lead qualifying criteria, such as a visit to a specific page on the website, and route leads to the appropriate Sales rep in real time, no matter what timeframes have been established in a formal workflow. Conversion can also cause lead status to be updated so that no additional Marketing emails are sent to leads being actively worked by Sales.

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