Demand Generation with SalesGenius Solutions

Build a B-to-B Demand Generation Machine

Marketing needs to deliver as many highly qualified leads as possible to the sales team. SalesGenius’ demand generation solutions get the most out of marketing efforts at all stages of the lead generation process. Simply stated, more, higher quality leads result in greater revenue.

SalesGenius Enterprise Marketing solutions provide the following benefits for the lead life cycle.

  • Extend Reach. In addition to the most powerful email marketing solution with the best deliverability rates in the industry, SalesGenius has developed patent pending SalesGenius URLs (gURLs), so marketers can track prospects from any campaign or media, including Social Media, into the lead generation process.
  • Trigger Response. Research has shown that a quick response to a trial download or whitepaper request is much more effective as the same response sent even just a few hours later. SalesGenius provides all the tools necessary to automate such emails, including drag and drop landing page and lead form editor and highly personalized email templates. A quick personal response gets the relationship with your prospect off to a good start.
  • Build Relationships. Most inquiries are initially not ready for sales, so SalesGenius provides an intuitive interface that makes it easy for marketers to set up workflows that dynamically score leads and ensure a steady flow of communications to potential customers over time, until those prospects demonstrate readiness to engage with Sales. SalesGenius' real-time tracking of prospects' actions - email opens, pages visited, links clicked, etc. - updates lead scores continuously. SalesGenius is unique in enabling users to identify qualifying "conversion events", such as trial sign-ups or visits to a specific web page, that signal strong prospect interest. When a prospect triggers a conversion event or the lead score reaches a threshold, the sales rep is notified instantly along with the prospect's entire activity history, for follow up at the right time, with the right information.
  • Drive Revenue. With greater reach, stronger relationships, and automated responses, a larger quantity of higher qualified leads reach sales, driving greater revenue.