Turn your website into a Lead Capture Machine

Marketing is driving tons of interest in your products and solutions, and easy to create, easy to deploy landing pages and web to lead forms convert anonymous prospects to known leads.

The SalesGenius Landing Page and Form Editor allows for the quick and easy creation of professional looking landing pages and effective web to lead forms. With no training or HTML coding, marketers can create and host pages in the intuitive drag and drop editor. Simply drag in images, text blocks, and even raw HTML; and edit these elements to match the look and feel of your website. Publish the page to the web in a single click. With SalesGenius, one has the option of SalesGenius hosting the pages or exporting the finished HTML for inclusion on other web pages.

In addition to the flexible editing options allowing for eye catching page design, SalesGenius also offers Progressive Profiling and A/B Testing to maximize conversions. Study after study has shown that many potential customers balk at filling out a long lead form. SalesGenius allows marketers to employ progressive profiling, which will shorten the initial lead form to only a few fields, such as name, title, and email. Every time the prospect returns to the website and requests content, the web form will automatically ask for a few more fields, until the lead profile is complete.

Google, Amazon and most web businesses never deploy a single page – instead they deploy several similar pages in a test, and then use the most successful page. SalesGenius offers A/B Testing so marketers can easily test their landing pages. At the conclusion of the test period, one simply chooses the page with the best conversion rate.

SalesGenius Landing Pages and Lead Form Benefits

  • Capture more leads and improve conversion rates
  • Easily create compelling pages and effective forms in a drag and drop editor
  • Import HTML and images to maintain branding and consistency with your website
  • Maximize conversion rates with Progressive Profiling and A/B testing
  • One click hosting with SalesGenius or export the HTML for use on your website
  • No IT or technical expertise required