Multiple Channel Tracking

Companies are reaching their prospects and customers through many communication channels, including email, the Web, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, RSS feeds, Google Ad words, blogs, etc. While traditional channels of communication are managed by the marketing department, many companies find that much of the social media outreach is initiated outside of marketing. Through SalesGenius URLs or gURLs™, SalesGenius demand generation solutions give companies an easy way to track all of these conversations in one place, and with this information, marketers realize transparency on where the contacts are coming from and consequently, an accurate picture of what is working and how well.

Using gURLs

In three clicks, a URL in a blog post (or a tweet or a Google Ad word) is replaced by a gURL. When a recipient clicks on the gURL, the browser follows the link of the original URL, while SalesGenius records the activity. Not only can marketers and others in the organization use gURLs to track social media (Tweets, Facebook posts and messages, LinkedIn updates, and blog posts), but marketers will also want to use gURLs to track search and ad words. And using gURLs to track all activities, not just email campaigns, puts an end to the guessing on which campaigns and activities are the most effective.

Benefits of gURLs

  • Expand the inventory of tracked activities to include social media
  • Democratize marketing throughout the organization-any tweet,blog post or other activity can be tracked
  • Compare and determine which activities have the greatest influence
  • Easy to implement-a gURL is created in 3 clicks
  • Use the appropriate content for landings; no need to create new landing pages to track new activities

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Easy gURL Creation

Creating gURLs is as easy as copying and pasting the url you want to shorten. Optional descriptions let you remember where and why you included website links in your social media posts.

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gURL Links

SalesGenius encodes your shortened url so it can be tracked when customers or prospective customers click through. One-step buttons let you easily include gURLs in your social media posts.

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SalesGenius lets marketers see how many people clicked through from gURLs posted by anyone in your organization and how many of those submitted an inquiry or web2lead form. You can even drill down to view reports of single and multi-page visits.